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LifePower Yoga Teacher Training will change your life

Going beyond the practical yoga skills and the understanding of the principles and practice of Ashtanga/Vinyasa to the empowering personal journey of self-love.


Students of all levels are encouraged to join this journey of exploration and acceptance.


A master’s degree in the art and science of yoga and meditation.


12 – 16 weeks*
*Schedules may vary in select locations.

an Ashtanga Vinyasa course of practice

Students of all levels are encouraged join this journey of exploration and acceptance, developing and enhancing yoga teaching competencies. No experience or knowledge is necessary – only a deep commitment to oneself.


Go deeper into the 7 stages of Vinyasa Yoga. Use the Bhagavad Gita to develop a greater understanding of Karma, Jnana and Bhakti Yoga. Work with sequencing and adjustments of anatomy to design and create powerful vinyasa flows and experiences. Use ancient yoga postures as tools to uncover the body’s strengths and weaknesses, developing a keen awareness of the edges within our psychosomatic structure.


Jonny Kest

the teacher of teachers

With over three decades of dedication and study, Jonny Kest has delivered an ancient practice from its roots in India to the states. He has infused the masses with a provocative healing modality accessible to anybody.


teach at Life Time

With over 130 clubs and standalone studios, there is tremendous opportunity for your work to be here.

Continue to grow with access to feedback from senior teachers.

Attend retreats Jonny hosts regularly throughout the US and Europe.

A woman in a yoga class smiling


Amazing teachers and facility! I learned more than I thought I was going to and continue to pull from the teachings to help my personal growth and to enhance class for the students!

Jason Z.

This training was the best training I’ve every had. I’m certified in reformer pilates, pre and postnatal corrective exercise and various personal training specialties. The time put into this training curriculum was well thought out to encourage students to be introspective as well as practical experience for us as teachers. I learned so much about Yoga AND myself. The marriage of the two in this course was perfect. I’m so so so happy I took this training!!!

Kendra C.

The skills acquired throughout the 300 YTT program were a game changer for me as yoga teacher. There is a distinct difference between having the knowledge required to teach yoga and being able to deliver an experience to students. My class sizes continue to grow and I’m so grateful for the teaching skills I have learned. I feel much more confident in my ability to convey the gift of yoga to my community.

Jane S.

Excellent Experience! Our instructors were very knowledgeable, encouraging and driven to help everyone grow and find their edge. Loved the Experience!!!

Mary J.

The program is exceptional in that we began teaching immediately in a small group setting to build confidence. The teachers created a nurturing, inclusive and empathetic environment. Immediate feedback framed as “love” and “opportunities” is an effective strategy to constantly improve and build on your strengths. I now share an eternal bond with these wonderful yogis!

Theresa P.

The LifePower Yoga Teacher Training was one of the best experiences of my life. The teachers were very knowledgeable and taught from a place of experience and love. The training was very thorough and equipped me to immediately take what I learned out into my community. The facility was excellent. My experience was excellent.

Gloria B.

Our facilitators were amazing. One of the best experiences of my life.

Tia M.

This program provided so much more than just the foundation for teaching. We were taught about the history and lineage of yoga, different formats, and meditation practices. More than all of that, we were taught how to keep ourselves mentally and spiritually grounded so we can make positive impacts on our students and community. LOVED this program and definitely will recommend it to others.

Amanda H

I found one of our YTT grads from last year sitting in meditation. When she finished, she hugged me saying , “Thank you for teaching me how to do this on my own.” ❤

Dianne F.

LifePower Teacher Training was a game changer for me. I had already been teaching yoga for many years prior to teacher training. This training went far beyond my expectations! It gave me the gift to become a better teacher, but most of all it gave me the gift of self reflection, and becoming the best version of myself, so that I could teach others by being my true authentic self.

Debbie M.

Today I graduated and I have to say that YTT was – hands down – one of the best things I could have done.

Jayme Z.